It's time to wake up from the Mass Formation Psychosis. 

Please help the victims and their families grieve by acknowledging what really happened. We are not saying it's due to the vaccine, but we know that the medical authorities cannot say for sure that it's NOT DUE TO THE VACCINE also. We are tired of being told that it's due to some underlying medical conditions. After about 14 million doses, the official deaths due to vaccine in Singapore is ZERO. Let that sink in.

Are the vaccines given to Singapore different from UK, US and other countries? Injuries caused by vaccines can only be treated properly if they are even acknowledged as due to vaccines in the first place. We remind doctors to First Do No Harm and to report these injuries and we seek transparency and accountability in our Public Health Authorities. The truth is emerging worldwide. We cannot hide anymore.

"Where is the outrage?" by Dr. Peter McCullough.

Let's remember those we loved and lost after the vaccine. We are calling for photos for 7 May Hong Lim Park event and after to make into video for our loved ones.

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An important message from Dr Adlina.