Businesses Unite

This is a list that would be open to all, to heal the divide that the differentiated measures have created. This is a list of those businesses that do not want to discriminate.
We thank them for supporting unity in society.

Why join us?

"As a lawyer advising on corporate law, I strongly recommend that every employer stay away from Covid-19 vaccination pressure or compulsory vaccination, because most of them are obviously not even aware of the far-reaching legal consequences associated with it."

Source: Dr. Renate Holzeisen, FreeWestMedia

The policy should also ideally not discuss any measures that could be seen as unreasonable and “punishing” those who are not vaccinated. For example, it would seem reasonable that employees who are not vaccinated will still need to take their temperature twice a day and wear PPE at all times if they are to be allowed into the office. However, cutting an employee’s bonus because he or she refuses to be vaccinated will more likely than not be seen as “punishing” the employee.

Source: Law Gazette

Join us and help stop these "differentiated measures". These measures are putting unnecessary stresses on business operators and affecting revenue and increasing costs of business operations. Division is not good for busineses. We want to welcome all in our businesses: Employees and Customers. We want a world where everyone wins.

List Of Businesses

Rev 22 Pte Ltd

Health And Wellness

Job openings available

Wellness assistant manager

Wellness assistant sales manager

Wellness consultant

We are open to all


Email: [email protected]

The Breakfast Club Singapore

Food and Beverage


Phone: 96587529

Vendshare Pte Ltd

Vending Business

Email:[email protected]

Veritas Tax Service Pte Ltd


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 81633278

Two Way Street Speech Therapy and Parenting Services

Allied Health

Email::[email protected]