Art is a powerful medium to reach the masses and to share our message of unity and inclusiveness. Alaric Ong has commissioned a special NFT Art to share the message of Healing the Divide. This NFT Art has 1000 pieces and is FREE for you to collect when you follow the below steps. We want to incentivise people to share this art work and share the message of Healing the Divide with others. 

In this NFT Art, we want to share the message of "A World Where Everyone Wins."  This is especially important for businesses which are coping with the pandemic.  We plan to have a series of talks and services with other business leaders / internet marketers / those willing to help individuals to learn more about alternative ways of earning income and emerging economies.

The recent differentiated measures have threatened the livelihoods of many and we wish to empower our community to have other ways of earning an income for themselves without giving in to pressures to vaccinate. 

When this initiative gains momentum through our outreach programmes and efforts, the NFT art that you hold will then increase in value. You will be able to sell your NFT Art in the market places. This is to thank you for promoting and sharing the message of Healing the Divide. 

Thank you.

1. Setting up of Tezos Wallet

2. Register an account at (Estimated 5 mins).

3. Submit your details to us so that we may send you some Tezos to redeem the NFT.

4. Claiming your free NFT. (Estimated 5 mins)

Proceed to this URL to claim for your NFT -