Yes, it is unfortunate during extreme times that the way to show our love and loyalty for our country, we have to sue our own government.

We are in the midst of engaging various lawyers for our initiative and we would like to ask for your support. 

We would be utilising the revenue of Ikibook Ltd (not for profit social enterprise) to support Healing The Divide. We have a few legal initiatives to support for the community. 

A few days ago, we started an initiative to get lawyer letters for employees to present to their employers. 

Unfortunately, The initial Law Firm preparing for this has pulled out of the engagement but we now have our own Legal Advisory Team consisting of highly trained legal professionals, some retired, some working lawyers, some volunteers, some low-bono to still give everyone this letter. It is not drafted by any particular lawyer per se but was a result of team work of Lawyers and Individuals Standing Up for Singaporeans.

The letters will provide a summary of their understanding of the related laws and regulations as they apply to the workplace access measures in the current Covid-19 environment. It is also not issued by any lawyer or law firm specifically, but a team work effort by this group and you are encouraged to seek your own legal advice if in doubt of your employment related concerns.

There is still some costs involved, not $5000, but $4000, as a lot of time went into researching and preparing the letters and I wish for some of these individuals to be remunerated for their work.

Instead of 1 general letter, we will be giving you 3 letters now.

1) The first letter for those whose HR has rejected your current Medical Exempt

2) A second letter with legal points to your employers with a summary of their understanding of the related law and regulation as it applies to the workplace access measures.

3) A third letter from An Employer to Another Employer to appeal to them as bosses.

There will be no Law Firm Letter Head and no Lawyer signing off but for those who need to take the next steps, you can contact us and we will have some lawyers that you can go to for further advise and action. They are not necessarily the ones who helped with the drafting of the letters.
I am very happy that since my Atticus Finch Video, more lawyers have stepped forward.

We are willing to issue a refund for those who are not happy with this. But for those who are ok, the money collected will go towards the current set of letters, with the excess for our other legal pursuit.

We are in the process of preparing a Judicial Review. We have also found a law firm willing to do this and we will be making more announcements later.

The letters have been prepared with lots of heart and sweat and these lawyers standing up in the background want you to know that they are here for everyone.  

The form should be working now. It was experiencing some hiccup.

For those who have already paid, I will be sending out the Medical Exempt letters first.

The second and third letters will be sent out as mentioned by tomorrow 12th Jan after we review the letters today.

Thank you very much for your support and the lawyers who have risen up during this time want me to tell you that, you are not alone. 

We are all here for you for a better Singapore.