On April 17, 2024, Dr. Syafiq Nordin, a distinguished Malaysian doctor, made an unprecedented move in the medical communities of Malaysia. He publicly apologized for his involvement in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to the Malaysian populace. This gesture of accountability has resonated globally, earning him widespread acclaim for his bravery and humility.

Here is the full text of his apology in English:

"In light of recent developments regarding Pfizer, a significant flaw within our industry has come to light, an industry in which I have been deeply involved. This revelation fills me with profound sadness, especially when I reflect on the erroneous medical advice I provided concerning COVID-19 prior to my transformative interactions with Dr. Razin Jaafar. These discussions have greatly expanded my understanding of health sciences, aligning them more closely with my ethical convictions as both a healthcare provider and a Muslim.

During the challenging period of the COVID pandemic, healthcare professionals faced immense difficulties while striving to deliver the best possible health services amidst severe constraints, compounded by the trials experienced by others under strict lockdowns. The rapid implementation of the vaccination program, perceived then as the best course of action, included my direct involvement—I offered medical advice and helped obtain the necessary consents for vaccinations.

Having myself received three doses of the Pfizer vaccine, I recognize that the entire process was expedited, reducing complex medical interactions to mere transactions. Today, I earnestly seek forgiveness for any misjudgments during those turbulent times, particularly from those who sought my guidance during the large-scale vaccination campaign.

Regrettably, I must confess my inability to provide financial assistance for any complications that have arisen. However, I am committed to delivering more holistic medical advice in the future, guided by the restorative practices championed by Dr. Razin.
To all Malaysian citizens, I extend my deepest apologies."
Dr. Syafiq Nordin, Advocate of Restorative Medicine

Dr. Syafiq Nordin’s brave and humble admission underscores the powerful truth that "a single candle can defy and define the darkness," as Anne Frank eloquently stated. His willingness to publicly confront his professional missteps not only highlights his commitment to truth and ethical integrity but also serves as a beacon in a time when the medical community is grappling with an oppressive regime characterized by enforced silence, strict conformity and unquestioning obedience. 

His public apology initially came to my attention through a post by Aussie17 on his blog. Aussie17 has also complied a list of doctors and public figures who made a U-Turn on their stand on the vaccines and you can check out the compilation here. There are 2 Singaporeans listed on his U-Turn Tracker. The first being Tan Kin Lian (Former Presidential Candidate). The second is actor Wang Lei. 

Observing Dr. Syafiq’s actions in the context of Eid al-Fitr—a period marked by forgiveness and renewal following the reflective month of Ramadan—provides deep insight into the ethical and spiritual dimensions of his apology. As a Catholic endeavoring to understand the significance of this act during such a sacred time in Islam, I am deeply moved by Dr. Syafiq ’s resolve to reconcile his professional actions with his spiritual beliefs. This act of contrition, rooted deeply in his faith as a devout Muslim, underscores his desire to align his actions with the principles of integrity and accountability emphasized in Islam.

Islam teaches that seeking forgiveness (Tawbah) is not just about expressing regret but is a profound commitment to personal transformation and rectifying wrongs. During Ramadan, a time for deep reflection and penance, it is likely that Dr. Syafiq contemplated his professional actions, leading to this public apology. His willingness to apologize, a brave act of Tawbah, is in essence performing a communal obligation (Fardu Kifayah), which serves to cleanse the community of shared guilt.

By apologizing, he not only seeks to correct his own path but also illuminates a way forward for others, potentially healing the divide and rebuilding a world fractured by arrogance and cowardice. 

In a time when the world has witnessed the silencing of dissenting voices within the medical community, Dr. Syafiq’s apology also stands as a call to protect those who dare to speak out. His apology goes beyond personal redemption; it is an invitation to everyone, particularly those in positions of power, to embrace humility and accountability. In doing so, we can lift the veil of deception and restore truth, integrity, and justice within our communities.

It emphasizes the profound healing power of saying, "Sorry, please forgive me." Such simple yet powerful words have the potential to bridge divisions, mend relationships, and initiate the reconstruction of our fractured world.

I invite all of us to support and protect whistleblowers like Dr. Syafiq, ensuring that their courage is not snuffed out but instead sparks a broader movement towards transparency and ethical governance. As humanity awakens to these challenges, let us rally around brave souls like Dr Syafiq, amplifying their voices and safeguarding their positions, In doing so, we not only support Dr. Syafiq but also advance the global momentum to restore integrity and truth back to the medical community.

Disclaimer: I have not personally met or spoken to Dr. Syafiq Nordin. It is my hope to interview him in the future to explore his motivations and perspectives firsthand, providing a deeper understanding of his unprecedented public apology. I also apologise for earlier referring to Dr Syafiq as Dr Nordin. Please forgive me. 

I talked the the Pfizer Event Staff. Watch what happened. Went better than I expected! 


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