What's the Price of Truth? 

Does Singapore have a free press?

Yes or No?

And yet you believe what they said about Iris Koh?

Can you spare $1 for Truth and Justice?

You will be shocked by what the Government is not telling you and how fake the news is. Humanity is at the brink. Can you help us share the POFMA FREE content that we have produced for one whole year so you will be prepared if they are to lock us down again or threaten us with booster after booster, or Mon(k)ey Pox scare etc? Be an intelligent vaxxer.I have risked my name, my health and my life to bring you this information. Help us reach 100,000 people and wake them up so they know the truth of what is really going on so that together we can heal the divide in this country. Thank you.


We stand for Unity, Truth and Empathy. We protect our rights to live in a society where diversity is celebrated especially regarding our medical health. We are a group of citizens who are very concerned about the recent management of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

We wish to share with you stories from Singapore and around the world. Voices from the community, data, stats and personal stories from individuals and families and how their lives have changed as a result of the pandemic. 

We also wish to share critical research and evidences by scientists, doctors and medical professionals around the world who have startling information presenting a different side of the vaccine story not usually presented in the main stream media and we wish to share these vital and important information with you.


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