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The Other Side of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates and the global elites are in Singapore for the Bloomberg Economic Forum.

While here on our shores, it is reported in the Straits Times "Responding to Mr Micklethwait's point that even in Singapore where the Government has done a good job in controlling the pandemic, there remain 60,000 people who refused to be vaccinated, Mr Gates quipped that resisters should be caned: "You would have thought they had a lash for these people."

Since last night, I have submitted a police report and a CPIB report on Bill Gates for his potential influence on domestic politics as a foreigner.

Bill Gates owns vaccine patents and multiple biotech companies eg. Moderna and Pfizer and has shares in these companies. He has everything to gain when people take his vaccines. Yet, he is influencing our politicians, our policies, and public opinion by commenting on our domestic affairs, how we should govern our country and our people. Please investigate him on FICA and the ministers that he is influencing who are pushing these vaccines unto the public, with little regard for public health safety.

Worldwide, we know that there are lawsuits for safety breaches re the vaccines and people, lawyers and doctors and nurses are marching against these insane mandates everywhere.

The below is Dr IW Yang on Ho Ching's wall. 
This is a series of open letters / police reports etc made by Dr Yang. 
The public need to know the truth. Please do not hide the truth from us. anymore.


We stand for Unity, Truth and Empathy. We protect our rights to live in a society where diversity is celebrated especially regarding our medical health. We are a group of citizens who are very concerned about the recent management of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

We wish to share with you stories from Singapore and around the world. Voices from the community, data, stats and personal stories from individuals and families and how their lives have changed as a result of the pandemic. 

We also wish to share critical research and evidences by scientists, doctors and medical professionals around the world who have startling information presenting a different side of the vaccine story not usually presented in the main stream media and we wish to share these vital and important information with you.


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