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Pascal Najadi: Cutting the head off the snake in Geneva.


Last week, Pascal Najadi called me.
He asked me did I notice the link below his name on this film?

He asked me to watch this film 3 times at least to see all the nuances and details.

He said Trump is the Commander in Chief and they are going to cut off the snake head in Geneva.

He said, they know, that we know that we have already won. Many of the military around the world are going to act. And the military swear allegiance to the Constitution, not the government, many of whom are corrupt.

He said about 20 million people have already died since the quackzines have been launched and humanity will not sit there and do nothing.

He asked me to go to the link and check out the documents.

Well I take Pascal seriously cos his father was a prominent banker in Kuala Lumpur who got assasinated while stopping corruption. His father was also former founding member of WEF and left in disgust in 1980s when he found out what it was about.

Who is Pascal Najadi?

So this is the link if you missed on the documentary. I don't have time to read the documents on the link yet but I thought it's important news that


Watch this important interview I did with Pascal Najadi and Dr Astrid St├╝ckelberger in March 2023.

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