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The Tripartite of Confusion and the Erosion of Trust


When you comply and take the Covid 19 Gene Therapy Injection and you get sick, your employer will fire you at the end of the day, just like the ex-nurse who lost her job after she got injured taking the Covid-19 Vaccination. By then, not only have you lost your job, you would have lost your health, which gives you the ability to earn money and get on with life if you are resourceful. As such, you are in a worse off position than someone who was simply fired for not taking the Covid-19 experimental injection. 

So our employers have forced us into a corner to exchange our health with livelihood. 

It is still happening now in case you are thinking they have lifted the "No Jab, No Job" policy. 

Someone I know has been fired recently for not taking the experimental injection and suing her employer. 

It's supposed to be “Advisory” they say, but they have slipped it inside the Tripartite Guidelines as an example of legitimate wrongful dismissal. 

So we have a case of the Employer, relying on the Tripartite Guidelines as the basis of their actions. Meanwhile, the Government has conveniently labelled all Covid-19 Vaccinations as “voluntary” and policies regarding  employment matters regarding the Covid-19 Vaccines as “Advisory” and passing the buck back to the Employer for them to enforce / do the “dirty” work of firing someone based on vaccination status. 

This cycle of “passing the buck” around is the epitome of office politics at the highest. We all have seen how it works in the toxic work place environment where someone has obviously farted but no one wants to claim credit for it. I call this the “Jajambo” effect. 

Know the popular song, Jajambo… (你看我 我看你 You look at me, I look at you... Many people have used this song to illustrate the idea of "passing the buck".) 

While the governing authorities can pat themselves on the back for creating this "Tripartite of Confusion" it has unfortunately also eroded my basic trust in the government and government bodies. 

Ultimately, leadership is about responsibility and the willingness to be scrutinised and be held accountable, especially if you have a duty to the public. If a leader / those in leadership frequently shifts blame and refuses to take responsibility for their actions, it can have a negative impact on society. It can erode trust in the leader and their leadership abilities, and create confusion and uncertainty among the public. This can lead to a lack of accountability and transparency, which can foster corruption and misconduct among public officials. Additionally, it can also lead to a lack of progress on important issues and a lack of trust in the government.

Furthermore, it can also create an environment in which people are discouraged from taking personal responsibility for their own actions, as they may perceive that there are no consequences for not taking responsibility.

In summary, when a leader does not take responsibility for their actions, it can lead to a lack of trust and accountability, a lack of progress on important issues, and a culture of irresponsibility that can have a negative impact on society.

This is how empires fall.

Ultimately, it is people like the ex-nurse and ordinary citizens like us who are harmed in these ill-thought-out policies which have done nothing but confuse the hack out of everyone and created victims who have no one to turn to and nobody to blame, while the perpetrators of harm (in this case, the Big Pharma and their unsafe vaccines) go unpunished and scot free.

Is there social justice in any of this? 

Is this the Singapore we want?

Let’s not jajambo our way out of an answer and provide a solution to all of this. 

Values are what make us humans. The values we hold dear provide a framework for ethical decision-making and behaviour in the confusing world of AI and other evolutionary concerns in the days ahead. Upholding these values help us to build trust and long-term relationships amongst citizens, civil service, law makers and other stakeholders in society which can ultimately benefit the bottom line. Afterall, without justice and equality can we even have prosperity and progress for our nation? Values such as integrity, fairness and responsibility must never be compromised and placed below profit because "A society that has lost its soul, has nothing left to lose." - Vaclav Havel

Iris Koh.
26th Jan 2023.

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