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Police Report against CNA and reporter Koh Wan Ting


On 20th Jan, Iris Koh made a police report against CNA and its reporter Koh Wan Ting for criminal defamation and potential sub judice in influencing public opinion and casting a negative light on her and her ongoing criminal charges. 

This is the article that is defamatory and potentially sub judicial. 


In the article, Koh says, "Several of these charges state that Quah engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Healing the Divide founder Iris Koh and other individuals to "dishonestly make false representations to the Ministry of Health of Singapore" that these individuals had been vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine when they were not. 

This was allegedly done to allow seven people to get vaccination certificates. The acts are said to have occurred between October and December 2021."

Iris Koh has not been charged with the 7 people on 20th Jan with Dr Jipson Quah. 

The article is misleading the public that she has 7 extra charges and influencing the public to have a negative opinion of her in her current criminal proceedings. 

As of 20 Jan 2023, Iris Koh has 4 charges, same as July 2022.

This article is sub judicial and defamatory. 

The article not only stressed her out, but also her husband and her immediate family as well as members of the Healing the Divide community who are concerned about her and her ongoing charges. 

It is a malicious attempt to weaken her support and her reputation and to continue to cast doubt on the efforts which she is highlighting to the public: That we ought to Investigate Pfizer and Moderna for Fraud and the rollout of the Covid-19 Vaccination. (See our petition here)

This is not the first time that Iris Koh has been defamed by the Press. Previously MOH had claimed that Iris Koh was spreading misinformation and used the media to accuse her of asking parents to overwhelm the vaccination centre. She did not do that. MOH also made a fake police report against Iris Koh.

Iris Koh remains POFMA free to date. 

After she submitted her police reports, nothing was done. 

We hope the Police will investigate this current breach. Her charges, if convicted are 20 years. This is unfair towards her and is a continuous breach to human rights and medical freedom which Iris Koh is standing up for.

Please investigate. 

Our rights are fully reserved.

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