The illusion of “No Choice”


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Part 1: " Bor Bian Lah"

Many people complain to me that the reason why they took these experimental injections was that they did it for their jobs, they have to travel, go to the mall, etc. In their minds, they had “No Choice.” or "Bor Bian Lah". Afterall, the government is “So Powerful”, what can ordinary citizens like us do? 

While I really empathise with those who finally took these experimental injections to save their jobs, I find it hard to understand others who took it to travel / go to the mall or other reasons which are less important than your health / lives. Well, granted that those who took it to travel for work seem to have a more compelling reason than those who took it simply to travel for leisure, but really in the grand scheme of things, can you really work, if you lose your health? But why did we even have to be forced to make this cruel choice in the first place?

I guess at the end of the day, it really depends on our values in life and what our priorities are. I must say the Globalists who planned this Pandemic have done a splendid job to execute their plans to corner ordinary citizens to the point of “No Choice”.

Let’s go back in time. In 2020, we were faced with a global pandemic. Economy and life as we knew it came to a stand-still. In fact, unless you were in the Health-care industry, or Online Business, you were most likely severely hit when global travel ceased and almost everything came to a halt.

How many people lost their jobs? How many people lost their businesses? How many families were and are struggling to make ends meet? How many people were suicidal? After one year of economic destruction, everyone can’t wait for the “antidote” to end our suffering. The promise of a “vaccine” which would help us return to life before the pandemic was too tempting to pass. Why would anyone want to stand in the way of life returning back to normal / as before? Why would anyone want to continue the “suffering”?  And so those who did eventually “stand in the way” by rejecting the “fake promise(vaccine)” were scorned, humiliated and hung on the cross of public opinion.

When we want to understand those who seem so angry against us, we must understand that they too have suffered. They too have been misled and thought we are the “enemies” when, really, we didn’t cause the pandemic and we didn’t create the “fake promise”.

If we really want to heal the divide, we need to ask some basic questions: 

1. Is this really a Pandemic in the first place? Or is it a plandemic or scamdemic as what the “Conspiracy Theorists” have exposed? I urge you to watch the documentary Keep an open mind and if in doubt, follow the Money. If you can, watch the second documentary about who really owns and control the world.

2. Do the “vaccines” really work? How come there are so many sudden deaths, people dropping dead, doctors and scientists being silenced? How come Science has become so dogmatic? Since this is an experiment anyway, why the need to remove the Control Group (those who didn't take the experimental injections) ? 

3. Did the politicians keep to their “promises” of returning things back to normal? How many times did the goal posts change? When will they stop pushing us to take more and more “vaccines”? How come there is an expiry date to these vaccine passports? How do we keep up with all the boosters lined up? What is their real agenda? 

Maybe I was one of the lucky ones to have witnessed 3 deaths close to me back in June 2021. As such, I wasn’t under the “spell” of these “experimental gene therapies” and their empty promises. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones who despite wanting life to go back to normal just like everyone else, took some extra time to do my own research and stumbled upon the greatest shock of my life…

I found out that no one cared whether we lived or died. To me, the government was hell bent on forcing these experimental gene therapies inside us by threatening our livelihoods and creating every single inconvenience and punishment that they can think of under the guise of “protecting us". I realised that there was a Great Reset Agenda and life is never going back the way it was until the people responsible for these crimes against humanity are stopped and punished. Namely the people at WHO, WEF, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Dr Fauci etc. As I devoured article after article, watched video after video, I was convinced that the “Conspiracy Theorists” are right and they have been proven right so far!!!

Well, it's not "conspiracy" in the first place because these Globalists seem to have a code of honour and they won’t just simply “kill us” without informing us. They have actually laid down their plans and what they are going to do to us in magazines, announcements, agendas, movies, patents etc. If we choose to ignore them, we only have ourselves to blame for keeping quiet and going along with their plans with no resistance. 

Sorry, I digress. But I guess it’s important to set the stage for why some people resist while others tell themselves and others that they have “No Choice”. I believe the more you “know”, the more you will see the consequences of your choices. I sincerely believe that if you really “know” as much as I know, you would not say you have "No Choice". As such I saw the urgency to share as much knowledge and information to others as I could back in July 2021.

In my twenties, I attended the Landmark Forum and it explored the concept of “Choice”. What is “Choice” and how do we really choose? It was a profound conversation which helped me realise that we often think we can choose between A or B. But often life presents itself with a single choice and it is up to us to accept or reject what life has to offer. When someone says “No Choice”, perhaps what they are trying to say is that there is “No Hope”. Now, why would someone say that there is “No Hope”? 

To answer this question, I think we need to look at the different groups of people who would react differently to the issue of “No Choice / No hope.” After one year of Healing the Divide, I concluded that there are roughly 3 different types of people. 

Part 2: The 3 types of people. 

The first type is what I would consider to be Realists. They look at the past and present data and they predict that future data would not be any different. They see that the PAP has successfully “taken care” of all opposition in the past and they think, why should it be any different now? And so, they comply. I must say that many of these people are actually much braver than me, because in a way, they accepted that they may actually die from taking these experimental “gene therapies”, but they don’t see any other way out. Oh, make no mistake, they see clearly and know clearly the dangers of what they have taken but they feel they have “No Choice / No Hope.” I will come back to address this group of people later. Please bear with me.

The second type is what I would consider to be Believers. This group believe everything that the government says. They are convinced that the government would never hurt them and that they are doing their part as good citizens to take these experimental “gene therapies”. Of cos, they will never refer to the “vaccines” as experimental or “gene therapies” ("what's that?" they even ask). The guy who cried during NDP is the epitome of this group. They genuinely love our country but they have mistakenly collapsed love of country with love of PAP! The two are not necessarily the same.

Well, you will find pure, simple Believers everywhere. I won’t call them gullible, but perhaps they have a rosy picture of the world. If they ever found out the truth of this Plandemic, it would absolutely shatter their reality and their faith in human beings and maybe they may even go berserk. So we must treat this group very carefully when talking to them. Beliefs are stronghold and unless people are willing to let go of their safety nets, which is to suspend their version of the “truth” temporary, it will be almost impossible to change their minds. 

Now the third group is what I would call the “Mavericks”. Yes, these are the ones who didn’t give in to every conceivable pressure so far. Now even amongst the “Mavericks” there are different levels of “Hopefulness” and “Hopelessness”. Now, obviously I belong to the Maverick group. But I believe that I also have a high degree of Hopefulness in me, otherwise I won’t even be standing up and doing something to stop what is happening right now in our country. I mean, besides being a non-conformist, I’m actually an idealist and an optimist as well.

I believe that things can actually be changed by small, simple actions. eg $1 for truth and justice, 1 person signing a petition, educating and changing minds 1 by 1, one day at a time. Unlike the Realists who believe in the “seen”, I believe in the “unseen”. I believe that small actions and ripples actually make a difference. I believe that Good will eventually triumph over Evil and I believe that if we all band together, we can actually win. There are those who think this country is beyond hope / cannot save already and there are those who still believe that there is some chance that we can win this war, because after all, we are also standing with another 50% of global citizens around the world, who have woken up, who know what is happening in the world and are not going to take any more injections no matter what. 

Now to the realists and the mavericks with little hope, I can only say this. Anything that is worth doing happened because someone first believed that it can be done. History is filled with examples of how slavery was abolished because there were people who stood to free themselves from the chains that enslaved them. It was only recently in 1965 in America that Racial Minorities were allowed to vote. Women could only vote in 1920 in America. Imagine how different the world would be otherwise.

Part 3: What does it take to hope?

So what does it take to hope? I think it takes courage to hope and risk getting our hearts broken. To hope is a dangerous thing. We never really know if we will succeed and if all the sacrifices we have made is worth it in the end. But without hope, life is meaningless and while we live, we are merely surviving: The things that we care about, gone. The ideals that we hold dear to, dead and the people we wish we could fight alongside with become the object of our envy / or worse still enemies.

Humanity has always lived for Hope. Hope for eternal life, hope for a better world. When we watch movies or read a good novel, we root for the hero and hope that he/she will save the day and that good will triumph over evil. So to the realists, I tell you this: Hope is the most practical thing you can have right now. Given that we all must die, doing nothing, and just following what the government says is like a game of Russian Roulette. You never know which booster shot will eventually finish you off. So since there doesn’t seem to be any stopping of these shots thus far, the most practical thing to do is actually to say “No”.

They are always trying to get a certain percentage to comply before making it compulsory for the rest and punishing you if you did not comply. So when enough people just say no, you become part of the solution, and not the problem. In other words, you have a Choice. And that choice is saying “no”. Will you be punished with No Jab, No Job?

Well, strangely enough, when enough realists say No, that will eventually not happen. But when you think “No Choice” and just say Yes, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, before you will be confronted with the next vaccine shot when the current one expires and you will be faced with the next difficult decision again. At some point, you may consider joining the Mavericks and have a little bit of hope and faith that others will do as you do and say "No" too, so that together we can win this together.

Now, to the Mavericks, who are planning to leave the country cos you perceive the situation as “No hope”, I invite you to see yourself as part of the solution. Is it difficult to create a different future? Yes of cos. But hoping without actions is pointless. If it helps, I must say that going overseas and setting up a brand new life there while not being a citizen in that country has its own set of problems and difficulties. We also know that the Globalists are not going to stop at just Singapore or a few countries. They have a One Health, Global Dominance plan over all life forms, not just humans. So if Singapore falls, it won't be long before they come for you wherever you are as well.

So I invite you to have more hope. It’s a bit like falling in love. You got to be willing to have your heart broken to really fall in love. I invite you to do something. Maybe it’s to support us with the $1 campaign, or to sign a petition, to voice your opinion in public, write a letter to your MP/ talk to someone. Hope without action is hopeless. But with the right optimism coupled with the right action, we can all stop evil. We can all turn the direction of the ship sailing towards the cliff. How we Save Singapore is one person at a time, one dollar at a time,  one article at a time, one video at a time, one event at a time, one day at a time. When enough people hope and act together, there is power in our optimism.


Freedom is won bit by bit. In Singapore, it often feels that petition does not work. Nothing we do will ever work. But I feel encouraged when I see other brave men and women around the world standing together with us. The brave doctors, police, the citizen-serving politicians, church leaders etc all speaking boldly and calling out lies and asking for accountability and standing with the people, breaking down and dismantling their lies, their quack Science and I am hopeful. The fake media has deliberately ignored the millions of people around the world who has gone on the streets to protest about the absurdity of the vaccine mandates. As such, I don't feel alone.

I feel encouraged, when I see the mask mandates being lifted, No Jab, No Job being officially removed (although many many companies still practise discrimination of unvaxxed), SHNs and PCR testings gone for now. And so I stand and I continue to work hard for Singapore. And I write and I continue to make videos because freedom is the essence of what makes us human and to exercise our free will and choose, is the greatest human gift of all. In fact, it is the most precious commodity that these Globalists want to remove from all of us. 

So do not say “ I have No choice.” say instead, “ I choose to vaccinate, or I choose not to vaccinate” because the moment you choose, no matter what that choice is, you have exercised your God given free will and in that moment, you have ceased to be a victim of your own circumstance. You have in the moment, become a Master of your life and be responsible for the consequences of your choices. And that to me is worth more than anything in the world. That is the essence of what makes us human. 

Can you support us with $1 for truth and justice and help us reach 100,000 people? Currently 222 hopeful people have supported this campaign. We are still far away from the goal, but I’m hopeful that we will reach 100,000 eventually, one person at a time, one day at a time because this is an aim worth living for. Thank you for your support.

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