National Day Week

One year ago, when Singapore rolled out discriminatory vaccine mandates, we wrote our first petition: Do not let vaccination status divide us. One year ago, when Singapore postponed National Day celebrations for the first time in its founding history, we were the group of Patriots who stood tall and brought you The Other Side of the Vaccine Story.

One year later, a lot has happened. And we are still here because we believe that for things to get better, we must all stand for a United Singapore. Despite all that we have been through, we believe that there is a group of Singaporeans in all segments and walk of society that do not stand for what is currently happening in our country.

For things to change, we must go out of our selfish mode, start to care for our fellow Singaporeans, start to speak up and have courage in the face of global uncertainties and potential adversities. It's time to Recover and Heal from the Pandemic. It is going to take a village / kampung to heal the divide and I invite you to join us in this journey. We care for you. We stand for a United Singapore regardless of Vaccination status.

It's time to heal together. 

9th August Zoom Event 3p.m-6p.m
Highlights: Find out more how you can grow food for your family even from a HDB flat and how you can recover if you suffer from discomfort after taking those experimental gene therapies.

13th August, Sat 10a.m-7p.m
The Phoenix Sword: The Knight of Light Leadership Training
Master your will power, reinvent yourselves and rise up to the challenges that await us.

Rise up and learn to reinvent yourself and overcome challenges in our lives.

SUPPORT OUR WORK. Help us fight injustices in this country. 

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