iris Koh

21 September 2021

PART 3: Letter to CNA re Death Rates

Dear PM, Ministers and Members of Parliament,

This is part 3 of my public letters regarding the death rates in Singapore. I would like to draw your attention to a recent FDA seminar over the weekend by professionals in which they discussed Pfizer-BioNTech’s supplemental Biologics License Application for the administration of a third dose, or “booster” dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty, in individuals 16 years of age and older.

To listen to the original FDA video, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFph7-6t34M

I have attached a particularly disturbing segment by Steve Kirsch - "Pfizer Vaccine Kills More People Than It Saves". This is around 4:20:11 of the video.

Other disturbing notes by other experts who presented:

4:09:50 Dr Jessica Rose. She shares data from VAERS.

"This graph shows that there has been a 1000% increase in adverse events and deaths just for 2021 and we are not yet done for 2021."
4:16:59 Dr. Joseph Fraiman.

"I want your help to stop vaccine hesitancy, but the truth is we do NOT have enough evidence to convince them, and the vaccine-hesitant people are not dumb, and that they say they have low risk for covid.. and they aren't wrong'

"Without this data, we the medical establishment can not confidently call out the anti covid vaccine activists who publicly claim that the vaccine harms more than they save, especially in the young and healthy. The fact we do not have this evidence to say they are wrong should terrify us all".

And there are others in this whole video.

My questions are:

  1. 1
    How safe are the vaccines really?
  2. 2

    Will MOH be able to give an answer as to why there are officially 0 deaths when in some cases the coroner has not concluded his / her report?

  3. 3
    How are Vaccine-caused deaths in this country classified?
  4. 4
    How come Singapore got 0 deaths when there are so many deaths in other countries?

I'm reminded by the words of our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He would have ensured that this vaccine is 300% safe before he used it on us.

We urgently require answers. I have not heard back from MOH re my answers asked weeks ago.
On behalf of more than 12344 people who have signed the "Do not let vaccination status divide us" petition and the Healing The Divide telegram community of more than 1700 people consisting of doctors, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and people from all walks of life, I would like to request for a meeting to discuss issues concerning the vaccines with MOH / government to address urgent and important issues regarding the vaccines that have divided our country.

I look forward to your reply.

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