By Iris Koh

November 15, 2021


16th NOVEMBER 2021

Is this Backstabbing? Bare-all Emails from TRE.

This post is in reply's to TRE's article: TR Emeritus has been stabbed by Iris Koh of Healing the Divide.

So TRE accused me of being a backstabber! I only emailed Andrew from TRE. We never spoke on the phone or anything. First of all, I have mentioned in numerous telegram announcements that I do not know if I want to work with TRE as I do not have details of this suit. (See images below) I don't even know who the lawyer is and the angle that they are suing. On Saturday 13th Nov, Andrew reached out to me regarding Ravi's statements in public. Really, I had not met Ravi at that stage regarding his "filing in criminal court" although we expressed interest to work with each other. In my blog post of 11th Nov, I mentioned that I am reaching out to M Ravi for comments regarding his announcement on facebook.
I can only say that Ravi was probably very excited in talking to an old friend on the phone on Friday and just announced in public on Saturday that I have engaged him, which I have reminded him later not to do so in the future. He has apologised to me and you can confirm with him on that. When we met later on that day, the pieces finally fit together and we are very happy to work with each other. 
I'm very grateful that M Ravi offered to do the work pro bono but that is not the reason of our engagement. The reason is that M Ravi has worked tirelessly fighting for the underdogs all his life and this cause has inspired all of us to come together to be United to stand for Choice for all Singaporeans.
M Ravi is fully vaccinated and now he will be working with us to fight for the rights for all the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated in Singapore. In addition, this cause is not about money. It's about protecting lives, freedom and liberty and standing up for minority rights, something that M Ravi has been doing as a lawyer all his life. There is actually no better lawyer than he who is taking up this cause and I don't know what TRE is bitching about. I allowed them to post in HTD telegram groups about their suit and members have even contributed to them although it has nothing to do with me because I believe that it is important that whoever wants to take legal action do that and I just let people know what other Singaporeans are doing and if they wish to support, they can.

When I started doing what I am doing right now, I had critics from all sides, including those who are standing up for the unvaccinated. We are already a small community. I hope that such "backstabbing" can stop. Let's focus on the important issues. Time is precious. Lives are precious. Let's fight together, instead of fighting with each other. 

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