This post is a continuation of our "8 Mice" Vaccine Post. 

Call for Victims of Covid-19 Vaccines to join me in my Police Report. 

The below text is what we will be submitting for the Police Report.

We wish to make a police report against Pfizer and Moderna and the current Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.  Please investigate this matter SERIOUSLY as millions of lives are at stake. 

Worldwide, evidence is emerging that these experimental gene therapies are causing more harm than good and the continuation of these "vaccines" is a serious threat to lives in this country.

In the meantime, go to for information about the "8mice" vaccine.

The victims listed in this police report belong to 3 main categories:

1. They have suffered harm / injury themselves  or the death of a loved one after the covid-19 vaccines, 

2. They have been terminated from work / discriminated if they had refused to take the vaccines, 

3. They have been unfairly persecuted as a result of speaking up then you can qualify as a victim of the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme. 

Firing people when they do not want to take the covid 19 vaccines / boosters is a form of coercion that is disallowed under the guidelines from the Ethics Guidelines for Human Biomedical Research. While officially there is no longer No Jab, No Job, I know of people who are still being fired for not taking the booster shots. This is a form of coercion. 

We cannot have a country run by doctors, politicians, civil servants and people who agree to take the Covid-19 vaccines when the data is not conclusive.

When the authorities fire those who are not vaccinated, this becomes a potential breach to national and public health security as checks and balances would be removed. 

Public health would be at risk because there will no longer be people who would speak up against these "vaccines" and "Vaccine" Mandates. What if years later, we find something severely wrong with the "vaccines"? It would be an irreversible damage and millions of lives would be affected. 

World Wide evidence is emerging for evidence of harm for those who have taken the covid-19 vaccines. I attach a document Quackzines with 1101 evidence of harm reported by people around the world after taking the Covid-19 vaccines.

I want to draw your attention to: 

A very important Singapore study of adverse events following Covid-19 Vaccines.

1. Acute myocardial infarction and myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination

The above study published by Oxford university, uses data from Singapore for the period between 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Mar 2021, for people that were admitted into hospital for heart problems after getting their vaccinations.

77 people were identified for this study in just this short period. 35 had Acute myocardial infarction (blood clot causing heart attack) while 42 had myocarditis.  “Five patients developed heart failure, two had cardiogenic shock, three intubated, and one had cardiovascular-related mortality (died)”.

The authors of the study urge government authorities to investigate increased cases of heart attacks and heart problems.

“Population-based studies might help elucidate if myocarditis and AMI rates are higher in the vaccination era compared to pre pandemic times”. 

In another study, 34 people in Singapore had died within 3 days of getting vaccinated, mostly due to heart attacks.

2. Post COVID-19 vaccine deaths - Singapore’s early experience


Some questions from quickly glancing through:

1. What is the sample size of this study? Why is it not being mentioned? Regardless, 34 people dying within 3 days is a very serious side-effect. What about those who die within 2 weeks or a few months? Why did the government not warn or pause the roll outs? Why did the media stay silent? 

2. The term “definite causation link” is very misleading. What is “definite causation link”? What percentage would constitute definite causation link? 100% ?

Is there such a thing as 100% in Science? Let’s not talk about “definite causation link”. What about “Causation link”? Would not some hint of causation link warrant for our government and health authorities to pause / relook at the roll outs and not market these Covid-19 vaccines as “safe” and “effective”?

It seems to us like “definite causation link” is more like a play on words and a deliberate attempt to ignore data pointing to potential casual links / deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines.

Together with doctors and scientists and organisations world wide, we call for the immediate pause to the all Covid-19 Vaccines and for Police to conduct immediate investigations. We call for immediate actions to  be taken to safeguard PUBLIC health for Singapore.

Police in the UK, New Zealand and other parts of the world are already investigating this matter. Singapore must do the same. We cannot put money and investments in Bio tech and Pharmaceutical companies above the lives and health of our people.

Please put a stop to all Covid-19 vaccines immediately. The pandemic is over. The emergency is over. Please protect us!

What we are doing is not for the faint hearted. Iris Koh has put her name, her health and her life on the line to do this for Singapore. Your support will keep our work at Healing the Divide going to protect lives.
Thank you for your generosity. 

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