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An Open Letter to SG Govt re Bivalent Vaccines


Mdm President, PM Lee, Ministers, Multi-Ministry Taskforce on Covid-19, HSA, MPs, members of Parliament, Opposition leaders, Police officers, Reporters, 

I read with concern the news by TODAY online regarding making a decision about mandating the Bivalent Vaccines. 


While you are deciding on whether to mandate this or not, I wish to send you some information by doctors, scientists and concerned citizens around the world regarding the Bivalent Vaccines. 


  1. The Bivalent Vaccines seem to be tested on 8 mice and 0 humans before they were authorised by FDA.
  2. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-authorizes-moderna-pfizer-biontech-bivalent-covid-19-vaccines-use
  3. It took me a while to read very carefully through the FDA document. But it appears that there is a difference between the BA 1 Variant Booster and the BA 4 and BA5 Variant Boosters. Only the BA 1 has tests on human subjects (a few hundred). The BA 4 and BA5 Variant Boosters were tested on 8 mice only and 0 humans before they were authorised by FDA.
  4. Please listen to the above video by Dr John Campbell for more clarity. I believe the FDA document is deliberately misleading to deceive the public into thinking that these Bivalent Vaccines have been tested on human subjects. Only the BA 1 Variant were. Not the BA 4 and BA 5 Variant Boosters. 
  5. Dr John Campbell mentioned that he cannot find the Pfizer documents, but I managed to find it.
  6. You can access the document here. https://www.fda.gov/media/159496/download
  7. I share with you the last 2 pages of the documents which show the evidence of the 8 Mice. This is from Pfizer's own documents and research. 
  8. Additional Materials: Bivalent Booster's "8-Mice Trial" Actually FAILED https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/ba5-boosters-8-mice-trial-actually


  • I'm attaching a document of Ethics-Guidelines by the Bioethics Advisory Committee which lists the guidelines for conducting medical experiments on humans. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Since these "Vaccines" are still in the experimental stage, we will technically be conducting a life-human subject experiment on the people of Singapore.

    I have highlighted some important points regarding Consent in the documents. 

    10. "Consent for participation in research must be voluntary. There should be no coercion, deception or undue influence. 


  1. Are HSA and the relevant authorities and the MTF aware of the 8-Mice Trial? 
  2. What criteria did HSA / relevant authorities and MTF use to determine that the BA 4/5 Vaccines are "safe" and "effective" for the public before promoting them? 
  3. Are we giving the BA 1 Variant Vaccines / BA 4/5 Variant Vaccines to the public? 
  4. Will the public be told that they are participating in an experimental study and that 0 human subjects were tested before these "experimental gene therapies" are being launched to the public? 
  5. Why are we considering mandating something to the whole population based on 8 Mice? According to the World Council for Health, "This is both unprecedented and reckless."

In view of this, I hope that these "experimental gene therapies", renamed "vaccines" will never be made mandatory under the current laws of Singapore, in keeping with Ethics Guidelines laid down by the Bioethics Advisory Committee of Singapore.

This is also in keeping with the Nuremberg Code, which Singapore has signed.

The implications of mandating an unproven, experimental medical injection on the populations are very serious.

On behalf of other Singaporeans, we hope that HSA and the government proceed cautiously alongside the guidelines laid down by medical professionals and Judges in view of crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg trails and not mandate the use of these Bivalent Vaccines.

History has many lessons that we don't have to repeat them again. 

We ask that this government do the right thing and in the words of our Law Minister, no one is above the Law in Singapore.

I will also be making a police report for the Singapore Police Force to investigate this matter further to safeguard the lives of citizens. Surely we cannot be rolling out these "vaccines" en masse after testing on 8 mice? Why is this allowed?  

I would like to remind all government officials, HSA officers, MOH officers etc that our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew would not have allowed this to happen.

I leave you now with a video for HSA and all of you while you lament over the issue of mandating this "8-mice" vaccine. The sacred duty of all government, all police officers, all law enforcement officers etc is to protect lives.

We will hold this government to account for any reckless and careless behaviour that may lead to the death of our people. Data has emerged and this vaccination programme must be stopped without further delay. The Pandemic will not be a "dress-rehearsal" for more atrocities against our people.

We call to be removed from World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum and the United Nations as soon as possible to safeguard our nation and our people.

 We stand with all the doctors, scientists, whistle blowers and citizens around the world, risking their names, their lives and standing for national sovereignty and accountability in Public Health.  

No amount of money / wealth can be exchanged for the lives and health of our people.

Please protect us. 

Iris Koh.

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