Call for Witnesses / Evidence

Announcement for 28 July 2022.

I want to set the record straight.

Healing the Divide will never ask our members to do anything illegal or participate in any illegal activities, least of all Cheat MOH with fake vaccination certificates. We are law-abiding citizens.

All our chats are in the public telegram groups. All our articles are on our website. Our videos and events conducted via in broad daylight. We have nothing to hide. 

In fact, in Nov last year, I terminated the services of a part timer whom I came to know to be promoting "air shots" in an event, not organised by Healing The Divide. Whether she really took it or not, I only know that it is illegal to even talk about it, and that alone got this part timer fired because I did not want her to affect our members and our reputation and our mission.

This is the level of legality, integrity and compliance that Healing the Divide uphold. We never ever hesitate to remove any messages or trolls who are suggesting for us to commit any offences that would break any law in Singapore.

I have mentioned this to the police in my investigations during my remand. How they can continue to deal me with additional charges is beyond my understanding.

While I'm extremely pissed off with the government and MOH for the mandates, I have one goal and one goal only: Sue the government and stop these mandates.

I have been asking for plaintiffs and evidences of D Dimer tests and health tests from people who are going to take the vaccines from Day 1.

We even got an entire legal research team that is curating information daily from the discussion group to categorise into various topics so that we can mount our legal challenges properly.

I have gone through enormous pains, efforts and financial resources as well as putting my name and my reputation on the line to date for this one endeavour and one endeavour only: Stop these mandates by suing the government.

It seems incredulous that I would ask people to take fake jabs which would destroy the very evidence that I'm trying so hard to collect in the first place.

Fake jabs will not give me the proof for the evidence of harm.

Would I waste my own money, my own time, my own energy and jeopardize our mission?

I have every evidence and proof of whatever that I have just said and told you.

I am also in the middle of assembling my own witnesses and evidence for the trial. If you ever followed my advice to do a before and after D dimer test to establish your baseline health status before and after vaccination,  please come forward and reach out to us. If you can be a witness to the current case and know something we don’t, please also come forward. I'm also looking for brave doctors who can be expert witness for me.

I await the trial to demolish every single lie, every single false accusation and every single allegation against me.

I am fighting for truth, for the people, for God. It's perjury to lie in court. You may end up with heavier sentences. Know that you will have to swear by your Holy book when you are on the witness stand.

Do the right thing. Don't be pressured.

May God give you the courage to do the right thing.

That is all. 

Thank you. 

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