SPH To Apologize & Terminate Salma Khalik's Employment For Stating "Not Statement of Fact"

On 24 Nov 2021, finally we got the truth from SPH's Ms Salma Khalik's own mouth, under oath, in a formally submitted court affidavit.

The statements proudly written by her on Straits Times, 7 August 2021, which misled and divided the Singaporean public, were finally acknowledged as "not statement of facts".

The 2 statements are;

1) "Only fair to protect vulnerable in S'pore against Covid-19 spread by unvaccinated people" - Ms Salma Khalik

2) "People who are not vaccinated face a much higher risk of getting infected and spreading the disease" - Ms Salma Khalik

These above 2 (in my view) false statements have created immense social division as evidently shown in our World Human Rights Day event videos. I am attaching it here for your kind perusal to decide for yourself whether we can accept such irresponsible reporting.

We are submitting a petition to Mr Khaw Boon Wan for SPH to apologize for this and also for Ms Salma Khalik to have her employment terminated as she has created immense social division in our great country.

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