As a result of the police report that 12 people made on Pfizer and Moderna, I dug up the ACRA reports of the Pfizer companies in Singapore. What I have found are available on public records where you can just go to ACRA and purchase the Bizfile of the company, so I’m not revealing anything “secretive”. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

1. There are a total of 12 Pfizer/Pfizer related companies.

2. The earliest company was started in 1964, Pfizer Pte Ltd.

3. 3 of the companies are dissolved, 1 struck off and 1 in liquidation.

4. 2 renamed to Viatris …

5. The latest one, Singapore Pfizer Pharmaceutical Investment Pte Ltd  was started in Jan 2021, by 2 Chinese Directors and no Singaporean Director. Very interestingly or something which caught my attention was that for a Pfizer Company that contains the word Singapore and Investment in its name, it only has 1 shareholder, who also happens to be the Chinese Director, Song Jiang.

So my question is "Who is Song Jiang?" 

This person seems to have enormous power to move millions of dollars under the name of Singapore Pfizer Pharmaceutical Investment Pte Ltd.

This company was started in Jan 2021, just when we had the vaccine roll outs. It has a paid up capital of $490,000. It is very fishy that such a big company with Singapore, Pfizer and Investment in its name has No Singapore Director and only one person as a shareholder. 

My other questions are: 

How is Singapore involved in this? 

What kind of investments are we talking about? 

Did the Singapore government buy vaccines from this company?

Can we see the contracts and would it end up being redacted like the Pfizer contracts of overseas? 

1) Romanian European Member of Parliament Cristian Terhes showing the Pfizer contract that was blanked out. 
2) Video of Cristian Terhes asking questions about the Pfizer contracts. "What are they hiding?"

Interestingly, of all the Pfizer companies, this is the only way with such a set-up, 1 personal shareholder. 

Also interesting to note that an Amercian Pharmaceutical company is owned and run by the Chinese. 

Anyway, I have started doing some citizen detective way, since I don’t know if the Police will be looking into this. After all, they have not called me up for all my other police reports regarding the vaccines. I’m happy to pass my detective way to the police and I would like to encourage everyone to also help with some detective way if you can. I think the Police are very busy nowadays, it’ll be good for citizens to help them along. 

Legally, I cannot pass the ACRA files to all of you, but if you would like to see the files, you can arrange to meet me and I can show them to you or you could just purchase them online and do your own digging. Please feel free to share your findings with me. I would love to hear from you.

[email protected]

In the meantime, I hope the police officers will be calling the 12 of us who made the police report soon to interview and do some fact finding for our police report. After all, they did deploy more than 10 police officers to Orchard Road on Boxing Day in 2021 to our photo taking at Orchard Road. 

Since this one involves the lives of millions of people here in Singapore, I hope the Singapore Police Force can devote more resources to do proper investigations. Thank you. 

This was a video created in 20 Oct 2022. 
The public deserve an answer! 

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