Petition of Appeal: Magistrate Complaint

By Iris Koh

January 31, 2023

As of 31st January 2023, we have filed to the State Court a petition for the appeal of the Magistrate's judgement in our recent Magistrate complaints against police officers handling Iris Koh's seized devices. The court has indicated receipt of our appeal.

My lawyers and I disagree with the Magistrate's judgement. Of course, as this matter is before the court, we will leave it for the honourable court to consider and accept our appeal. Our appeal is based on our own evaluation of the situation and our understanding of the legal framework.

Here are some facts of the matter.

Date of Magistrate Complaint: 23rd Nov 2022
Timing: 329p.m- 4:35p.m.
Number of pages of Court Transcript: 32 pages
Number of pages of Grounds of decision by the judge: 15 pages

We will continue to bring you updates of our legal proceedings.

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