The unbearable weight of “fairness”

With the announcement of the news that

"All COVID-19 vaccination-differentiated measures (VDMs) to be lifted from Oct 10: MOH"

We see this comment online. 

To all those who feel unfair that these VDMs have been lifted:

We told you not to take. 

You ignored us. 

Called us names. 

You got to keep your jobs and went about your days.

We didn't take cos we valued our lives more than the dining outs, the travels, our jobs. In fact many of us would rather go to jail and die for the right to freedom and choice itself. Where there is risk, there must be choice. So we fought for you back then even though we were treated like criminals in our own country. And even now, scolded by haters like you who will probably never appreciate anything that we have done.

You are lucky cos you are still alive now to write your posts, but there are many unlucky ones who died before their time. Do you know who they are? Have you reached out to their loved ones? 

What about those who reluctantly took in the end to put food on the table for their families? Why did they have to make such a choice in the first place?

We gave up many things these past one year. We have lost friends, families, jobs and endured public ridicule. We suffered too. Perhaps not physically but mentally and emotionally.

Everyone lost something in the past two years. The only people who won are the Big Pharma and Global Elites with Billions of dollars in their pockets and are now still scot free “preparing” the next pandemic for humanity.

And it won’t be any “vaccines” / experimental gene therapies that will kill us at the end of the day, but the selfishness of people, standing up for nothing and blaming everything and everyone except themselves for being part of the problem. Yes, when you put your dining out / travels above your health and your own lives, you put all of us at risk with your compliance and disregard for your personal health.

Be grateful that you won’t be forced to make another difficult choice. Dinning out / Travels or Jab.

Be grateful that there are doctors, scientists, lawyers and brave citizens around the world, who cared enough for humanity to suffer immense personal pressures and inconveniences, risking their names, their livelihoods, their lives speaking the truth while you dined out / travelled and now whine about your failing health now that there are no more VDMs.

Be grateful that you still have time to sort out your misguided notions and make peace with the people who have prevented you from making another difficult choice, because it’s not just 2,3,4 jabs…

Be grateful that you still have time to live another day and figure out what the hell is going on in this world.

Why aren’t you angry with the people who put you in that difficult position?

Why aren’t you angry with the people who caused this plandemic / scamdemic and implemented those Vaccine Differentiated Measures in the first place?

Did we force you to take the vaccine so you can go to the malls / travels and your everyday conveniences? 

Did you not know that all these VDMs were meant to divide us in the first place and comparing what's "fair" and "unfair" is exactly what they wanted us to do all along? 

So for one more inconvenient truth: 

While VDMs and all the discriminating measures can be reversed, HEALTH cannot.

Hope you will finally learn this lesson now and start protecting yourself and your loved ones when the next “vaccine” comes along. 

They did say it's just a "rehearsal". 

Iris Koh
Healing the Divide.

While they prepare the next pandemic, can we prepare humanity too by getting up to date with what's really happening in the world? 

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