SHN Day 4: So what are the protocols?

By Iris Koh

July 19, 2022

So I'm on Day 4 of my Stay Home Notice and I'm visited by 3 ICA officers again today. Imagine the manpower and resources deployed to keep these SHNs in place! But I think not everyone gets visitations everyday like me. Anyway, after their visit, I sent ICA an email. Below is my email sent today. 

19th July 2022. 

Dear ICA,

Thank you for your email. I note the answers to some of my questions. But there are still some questions that have not been answered. 

Today, 3 officers came to pay me a visit to check that I'm at home. They were polite, but alas, they were also unable to answer my questions. So I would like to pose them to the top management of ICA, since according to them, they are just following protocol.

Let us remember that for good governance, which I believe, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew has set out our Republic to be, protocols need to be transparent to prevent abuse and corruption of processes. 

I would like to first draw your attention to the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore.

Supremacy of Constitution

4.  This Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic of Singapore and any law enacted by the Legislature after the commencement of this Constitution which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

Prohibition of banishment and freedom of movement

13.—(1)  No citizen of Singapore shall be banished or excluded from Singapore.

(2)  Subject to any law relating to the security of Singapore or any part thereof, public order, public health or the punishment of offenders, every citizen of Singapore has the right to move freely throughout Singapore and to reside in any part thereof.

Right now, I'm placed on Home Jail, with my movements to move around in this country confined to my home for the next 7 days. 

I have followed every single step listed in the ICA website, including taking a Pre-Departure ART test which was shown to be Negative. 

I wish to know why and under what protocol am I placed on 7-day SHN. 

Are you saying that the ART tests are not to be trusted? Then why ask us to take them in the first place? 

You must realise that the right for me as a citizen to enter into my country is my constitutional right and you cannot place any conditions on this. But you have and I have complied and on top of that, you are now making irrelevant the ART test that I have performed.

Please I would like to know what is happening. 

Why am I placed on SHN? Why ask me to do a Pre-Departure ART test when that is not going to be taken into account. It costs me $15 to take that test. I would like to have a refund on that $15. 

Please do note that the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore is the Supreme law in this country. 

If you claim that there is a medical emergency, please explain to us why the COVID Virus has not been isolated. I have lots of evidence on this, which I can send to you if you wish.

Please note also the exponential death rates in our country since the launch of the COVID-19 Vaccination programme. I'm not saying it's caused by the vaccines, but I hope you are also aware of the Pfizer released documents which list mysterious deaths, 1291 side effects etc and the lawsuits happening around the world and the New Zealand Police investigating the unusually high death rates in their country.

This brings me to another matter. PCR testing.

I have long heard of the harmfulness of PCR testing since last year. But I only personally experienced them when I was in remand twice in January this year. My cancer was diagnosed in March 2022, shortly after. I have reason to believe that my cancer could be caused by these PCR tests.

I list the evidence of my findings from John Hopkins Univeristy. 

1. John Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing. Dr Leonard Coldwell.

2. Shocking: Are PCR Tests Secret Vaccines? - John Hopkins Develops Micro Drugs Delivered by SWAB! 

On top of that, PCR tests with high cycles have been proven to give false positives. 

As you are aware, my two doctors in Singapore and Malaysia have given me medical exemptions not to be vaccinated. The last thing I want to be is to be secretly vaccinated via a PCR test. Given also that I was diagnosed with cancer shortly after the 2 PCR tests which I got when I was in remand, I will not be giving consent to do the PCR tests. 

I'm requesting for a saliva or ART test. 

I have more evidence of how harmful these PCR tests are. I can send them to you as well if these pieces of evidence are not sufficient. 

So in the meantime, I wish to request to: 

1) Be released from SHN as I believe I've been illegally placed on SHN, against my constitutional rights, with no explanation of the protocols involved. 

ICA, as a government organization, seeing to the movement of millions of citizens, I hope that ICA can explain whether

1) By default all unvaccinated need to be placed on SHN? 

2) Case by Case basis. 

If case by case, please explain why was I placed on SHN. 

 If by default all unvaccinated need to be placed on SHN, I would like a reimbursement of the $15 which I paid for ART test since it doesn't matter anyway. Whether positive or negative, I still need to be under house arrest.  

The current protocols are vague and open to abuse. Am I placed on SHN because I have been vocal speaking up against these vaccines? Why did I pass without any questions when I first arrived? I have fulfilled every single criteria listed. 

Thank you very much. I understand that you are all doing your job. I am also doing my duty to speak up for all Singaporeans who are subjected to these unreasonable/unscientific / unconstituitional laws. Today, we need to take 2 jabs to travel freely across our borders. Tomorrow it will be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8 jabs. When will it end?

Vaccination is a medical procedure which cannot be forced.  It's against the Nuremberg code. I am also attaching a video to show that these "vaccines" are gene therapies and against the Nuremberg code. Violation of all 10 articles. You cannot put me on SHN / house arrest when I do not want to be vaccinated. 

Last but not least, I look forward to hearing back from a senior ICA officer who can explain the protocols so I can better understand how to travel without hassle the next time. I am suffering from cancer and these mandates are stressing me out unnecessarily which could cause my cancer to worsen. In addition, I foresee that I will need more travels to seek medical attention. I do not wish to be subjected to 7-day SHN each time.

Thank you, 

Iris Koh. 

Help us reach 100,000 people. 

  • The officers are robotic. Sorry, robots are more intelligent. They only have standard answers like I’m only doing my job, or I’m under orders. Unable to give any coherent replies. Which make me think, are they just mindless maniacs? Just wondering…

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