SHN: Science or Punishment?

By Iris Koh

July 19, 2022

And so, I’ve been placed on SHN (Stay Home Notice) since my return from Malaysia where I was seeking medical attention for my cancer treatment. Coming back was very nerve-wrecking for me because I did not know if I would be placed on a 7 day Stay Home Notice (SHN) or not.

Let’s just cut the niceties and call this a HOME JAIL because we basically CANNOT step outside of our house or it will be considered “criminal”.  We will get arrested, have our passports taken away or be charged, go to jail etc, all in the name of “SCIENCE”.

In fact, I found out that these SHNs are SO POWERFUL that they even supercede a Court Order! If you are ever placed on one, it means you have a very good reason not to attend court, even though you may be perfectly non-infectious, as I was. (I was tested negative on the Pre-Departure ART test)

So perfectly healthy people who are not sick, not showing any symptoms can be excused from attending Court, the highest authority in this country. Interesting isn’t it?

This is the website in which you can find out more about the SHN measures in Singapore if you happen to have taken the unusual path of Not succumbing to pressure to be vaccinated.

Let’s look at it together shall we? So it says on the website that as a non-fully vaccinated citizen travelling back into Singapore (my own home country), I need to fulfill the following: Will have to perform:

Step 1C: Fill up SG Arrival Card 3 days b4 arriving in SG @

Step 1D: Pre-departure ART Test 2 days b4 departure

Step 1E: 7-day SHN at home upon arrival

Step 2B: Can only use taxi/private hire instead of MRT to return home

Step 3A: Undertake PCR at the end of 7 days

A Vaccinated traveller coming into my country today has more rights than unvaccinated citizens like me. They don't have to be on SHN / Home Jail unlike us. 

When I first passed the customs on Sat 16th July, I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t get any SHN notice. I thought Wow, this is great. Maybe it’s cos I have fulfilled every single requirement, including getting a Negative ART test pre-departure that I don’t have to be “jailed” at home for 7 days. Singapore is finally progressing!!! But alas, I was deeply disappointed. : (

Below is a summary of what happened and the email I sent to ICA. They have yet to reply me on a few important questions. Btw, this is to be expected as over the past 1 year, I have noticed MOH and other authorities deliberately avoiding difficult questions which can’t seem to be answered, especially when they are also happen to be logical and scientific questions.  

Do you think SHN is based on Science or are they designed to punish those who did not take the "vaccines"?  

What do you think? Do tell me what you think. 

My email to ICA. Names of officers have been initialised.

17th July 2022. 

Dear ICA,

This is to record the events following my arrival in Singapore.

I arrived in Singapore on the 16 July around 815p.m.

At the customs, I was not asked any questions nor informed that I'm placed on SHN.

Today at around 12:42p.m, an agent by the name of V called me to check where I am.

I told him that I have not been placed on SHN so I don't think I should be answering his questions.

Subsequently another ICA officer by the name of JY called me. He informed me that I am placed on SHN and need to serve it immediately.

I informed him that I'm halfway eating my lunch outside and will comply as soon as I get home to check my email. I even abandoned my groceries shopping as I haven't been home for 20 days and there is no more food left at home.

Once I reached home at 1:50p.m, I confirmed that I had received the email and received a call from JY from ICA.

I had explained to JY that I had followed every single requirement listed in the ICA website, including performing a negative ART test before I reached Singapore.

I also have a court hearing to attend on the 18th July at 9a.m.

JY asked for the officer in charge for him to call and I have given him my Inspector's number.

So I'm sending now the documents which I have prepared for ICA.

Some questions which I have:

1) Why do I have to take a ART test when even with a negative test I still need to do a SHN?

Perhaps this requirement can be removed so that we won't be wasting time and money on an unnecessary test?



2) Have I been issued a SHN unnecessarily despite being tested negative?

It is not clear in the website that I will definitely be issued a SHN as an unvaccinated citizen, because it says "If I were to do SHN, what would be the place of residence?"


3) I would like to seek some clarifications regarding the rules and regulations regarding SHN right now. I would like to understand the logic of these regulations please so I can best do my part as a citizen. Given that there are increasing legal cases and the emerging evidences that these vaccines do more harm than good, I would like to find out why unvaccinated travellers are being discriminated from travelling normally. In my case, to seek medical treatment.

3) I am also suffering from cancer and seeking treatment. What if I have to see a doctor during my SHN period? 

Answered: In the event of a medical emergency, call 995, During the period of your SHN, you may call Safe Travel Office hotline at 6812 5555 to seek approval if you need to seek medical attention. For medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, active seizures, breathlessness, major traumas, or stroke, please contact 995 directly for assistance.

4) I have 2 medical exemption letters. One from Singapore and one from Malaysia. Are they not valid?


5) I do not wish to take the PCR test and would like to take the supervised ART test as an option as I have information regarding the fact that these PCR tests are dangerous, are cancer causing, toxic and may worsen my condition. I would like to email the information to the authorities. May I know to whom do I send the information to?


5) Finally, I will await the discussion that JY would be having with my inspector to see if my SHN still stands and whether I need to attend court on Monday.

Answer: I didn't have to attend court today. So it seems that SHN trumps Court Order!!! Imagine that. 

Thank you for your kind response,

Iris Koh.


It’s been more than 2.5 years since COVID has devastated the entire world. The lockdowns and mandates have bankrupted the middle class whose careers and jobs relied on an open economy / open borders. The strong-armed vaccination programme has divided our society and created untold suffering and hardships for those who valued their lives and do not want to be forced into taking something unproven and untested and certainly far from “safe” and “effective” into their bodies. 

As a result, we, the unvaccinated have been shamed, we have been punished by job losses and now slapped with a 7 day SHN notice if (how dare we) attempt to travel like a normal citizen again.

Is this Science? If it is, why did the authorities ignore my medical exemption letters? Why did the authorities ignore my negative ART test? Why are my questions unanswered? Or is this Punishment?

It certainly feels like we are being punished by these unconstitutional, unjust mandates that supercede a Court Order. Do you think it's logical / scientific for a covid-negative person who has no risks of spreading the virus to someone to be confined to his / her home? Is the government trying to"protect" us the unvaxxed again? If the Vaccines truly work, why are the vaccinated still getting covid? What is the real reason that die die we must be vaccinated?
I wish to know MOH’s or the authorities’ justifications for locking us up in our home for 7 days. I worry for those who have no one to buy food for them, those who can’t afford to Grab food / buy online groceries. Is travel a luxury reserved for those with means or is it still a right that every citizen in this country should have equal access to? This is the tyrannical state of Singapore now. Forget Science, forget reason. Just DO AS I SAY, or because we, the government say so. 

This is how we have reached more than 90% vaccination rates in this country. It’s totally against the Nuremberg code, which Singapore has signed by the way.

I have heard rumours that foreigners will not need to have 7 day SHN unlike normal citizens. Is this true? Can you let me know? 

If you are against what is happening in this country, I invite you to join me at Healing the Divide. I have been standing up and speaking up and giving voice to the censored doctors and scientists around the world who have put their lives and careers at stake so that we the people know the science behind what they are not telling you. 

To get access to the entire year of work which I have produced, do fill up the form below. I have risked my name, my health and my life to bring you the other side of the vaccine story.

I hope you can help me share this work with 100,000 people.

Thank you very much, 

Iris Koh.

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