Is it a crime to ask questions?

By Iris Koh

January 5, 2022

Just when I thought things can't get much worse here in Singapore, it did. Yesterday, MOH announced that it has made a police report against Healing the Divide group over plans to 'disrupt operations' at COVID-19 paediatric vaccination centres. 

The ministry said that it was aware that the group "has exhorted parents through a message on their Telegram channel on Dec 27 2021, to visit the paediatric vaccination centres to overwhelm on-site medical staff with questions".

The above statements are untrue and I demand proof from MOH that this is what I did.

I have since filed a police report against MOH’s false police report.

I will post the message which I have posted in my telegram group and you can judge for yourself whether it is to “disrupt operations” at COVID-19 Paediatric vaccination centres.

So this is the message which I posted. I have asked Parents to Book a slot at the vaccination centre to have their questions and concerns answered, because MOH is not answering parents’ important questions and concerns. During the recent seminar by MOH on 18th Dec, parents reported to me that they have asked many questions, but they were not answered. I have also asked many questions myself, but there were no answers! Not only that, our questions were not shown to the public. Why the lack of transparency in handling our questions?
In our recent seminar organised for parents by Local and International doctors, questions from parents were flashed out in the 3 hour seminar. They were NOT ANSWERED by MOH to date.

If MOH perceive “asking” questions, which is the right and duty of every parent a “disruption to operations”, I suggest that MOH improve their operations to include the answering of questions inside their SOP! Unless we are supposed to just blindly obey? These are the lives of our children, the future of our country we are talking about. So MOH expect citizens to take these jabs without answering our valid concerns and questions? Months ago, when MOH defamed me, I already said that I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m an intelligent vaxxer. Intelligent people ask questions. Smart Parents ask questions. Smart Parents do their research, they compare data, they ask some important questions. I would be interested to see if our Police Force will view the asking of questions as ILLEGAL. I’m sorry for being an intelligent vaxxer. Apparently now it is a crime to ask people to ask questions. I want to remind MOH and doctors that there is a Ethics Guidelines for Human Biomedical Research. Under this Ethics Guidelines, it is the care and duty of the attending doctor to answer the questions from their patients and in this case, the parents of their patients. 

So why did MOH made a police report on me and defamed me?
Why can't the doctors answer the questions? 
Why did MOH authorise the mass vaccination of children in our country ahead of the completion of the 15 month KKH trial? 
How did they conclude that these vaccines are safe when there are reported deaths around the world? 
Recently Dr IW Yang made a police report of the 16 year old Korean Boy who died after vaccination. Why did MOH not alert the public and when will the real cause of death be determined? Why has this been kept from the public? How many more such deaths are there?
There are simply too many red alerts and unanswered questions.

I'm attaching a warning from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. These Canadian doctors have warned that Pfizer has falsified the data and that the vaccines are doing More Harm than Good and must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. 

I'm attaching the form which I have asked Parents to ask at the vaccination centre. This is a consolidation of the questions which many parents have submitted before during the 5th Dec Workshop with our panel of Esteemed Doctors. 
I leave you the readers to judge for yourself the validity and reasonableness of this questionaire and I would like to ask the Police Force: Is it a crime to ask questions? Questions concerning the life and death matters for people's children? Please demand for MOH to improve their operations to include answering questions from concerned parents. Let's not demand these vaccines to be 300% safe. Just demand they answer our questions for a start. I mean how low can our standards drop? 

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