Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew, can you get up now please? We need you.

By Iris Koh

December 21, 2021

Something is very wrong with our country. In the past few months, I have watched policies made based on shady Science, opinions by our National Press on Public Health issues with little regard and responsibility to ethical journalism and I can't help but wonder, "What has become of our country?" 

Are we a nation of "hear-says" or are we a nation that look at cold, hard scientific evidences and consider the wide ranging implications of policies before people are fired from their jobs, parents are seperated from their children, marriages are threatened because of their vaccination statuses? 

We never allowed race, language or religion to divide us and now it's ok to let these vaccination statuses divide us? People are coerced, manipulated and threatened with job losses and expulsion from schools if they do not take an "experimental gene therapy" renamed as a "vaccine"? 

Last Saturday, I was looking forward to attending MOH's webinar Covid-19 vaccination for children (5-11 year olds). I thought, foolishly that perhaps MOH is finally going to answer all our questions and I can finally Heal the Divide with MOH! Yippee... 

But alas, I was cheated of my feelings once again! None of my 18 questions were answered! And I heard from other parents that their questions were also not answered! Ok, granted that time is limited etc, but why were our questions hidden from the rest of the participants? Why were the comments on Youtube disabled? Why is there such a lack of transparency in the rolling out of the Public Vaccination Programme for kids where hundreds of thousands of lives will be affected? 

During our Is Covid-19 Vaccination necessary for children? seminar on the 5th of Dec 2021, we heard from International doctors why these vaccines are unnecessary and potentially very dangerous for our children. (If you have missed that, go to

Kids have died around the world due to these vaccines and yet MOH is still insisting and saying that the Benefits Outweigh the Risks. Really? We have currently 0 Covid deaths for kids in Singapore! How did the Expert Committee and medical experts come to such a conclusion? What could be more beneficial than 0 Covid deaths? If we have even 1 death caused by vaccine, the risks already outweigh the benefit. And how can we as citizens be assured that such deaths will be classified accordingly and not be due to some "underlying medical conditions"? Most importantly,what's the rush in rolling out these vaccines ahead of the 15 month KKH trials? What's the point of having trials if we are not going to look at the results from them? Why aren't we looking at the deaths of kids from these vaccines around the world? 

Health is not a Political Issue and should never be one. Doctors who speak up should never be threatened with raids to their clinics and smears to their names / be intimidated with losing their licenses etc. Sadly, this is what is happening around the world. Youtube, Facebook, Google and all the Big Tech are censoring and cancelling world-renowned Scientists and doctors who speak up. Some have lost their careers and many are called "anti-vaxxers" by the propaganda news media.

I only have ONE question: If politicians and journalists think they can cancel Scientists and Doctors out, why do we even bother to go to school, learn about Science, learn the importance of a Control group etc? Why don't we just close down our schools / universities and stop pretending that we care about Education. We don't and we should stop this facade. If we want to silence concerned citizens who think for themselves and do not necessarily have to agree with everything the government says, what is to become of our country? Are we a country of followers or do we even want to strive to be a thought leader in the world? After all, if we do not value our people, what other natural resources do we have? If we are willing to sacrifice our children for pseudo Science, what will happen to the future of our country?

I call upon Mr Lee to get up now. Our country is in serious trouble. Please come and help us.  

  • Well said..for the benefits of those Chinese educated families..please enclose translated Chinese copy to be more convincing..tks for the hard work..

  • This government is following his style. It’s my way or the high way. Thats LKY’s style. Our current government is following LKY political lineage…

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